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My joy and my passion is creating.  When I am not creating for an event or helping people create in a workshop – I create special designs and gifts for you and that special time or special person in your life.

Raukawa Cottage

Raukawa Cottage

This beautiful brand is so close to my heart in so many ways. It was the start and foundation of my design journey.

Moving from Sydney in 2017 to Moffatdale I was on a very deep healing journey. Connecting to nature and discovering

my identity through creativity and the connection to the land.

I went on a journey of designing and creating beautiful intent soaps and candles that connected to the heart and to nature.

These soaps are not just soap but every bar is made with love, with intent and an offering of love from one woman to



An offering of acceptance of grace and non judgement whatever season you are in. Knowing you are never

alone and through self love taking a moment to nurture self through using a beautiful soap or lighting a candle it can

allow us to have a moment for self. To heal, to breath and remember we are all uniquely beautiful.


One of my favourite prayers is the Ho’ponono Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness of self and others


I love you

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you


I hope you enjoy these products and much as I have loved creating them for you. Connection to self to nature and

remembering the love that creates inner beauty and a hope that never ends.




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