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“The Flower Crown Queen of Australia”



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About Me

My mission is to create and bring joy to people through my passion of nature, the beauty of flowers and the essence of never giving up on life no matter what card you have been dealt.  To teach and empower others through the beauty and healing properties of nature.

I am passionate about being creative and teaching others how they too can create changes in their life through creativity and nature.

With a strong background in the creative arts from music, dance, art and using this passion throughout all areas of my life.

Living and growing up in the Sutherland Shire I was blessed to have a childhood surrounded by nature. My Grandparents garden was a sanctuary of beauty and my world opened up to the wonders of nature, creating and designing my own world in their garden. My parents imparted a passion of Australian landscape and botanicals that has stayed with me to this day.

My career started with hospitality in Sydney and moved into Fashion interweaving in hospitality which then took me to London for 3 years. Travelling through Europe and visiting art galleries and experiencing different cultures I gathered concepts ideas, and vision. I always found solace my creativity and peace in nature and wherever I travelled I always sat and allowed nature to wrap around me.

Moving back to Sydney I continued my career in Fashion which then lead into the fitness industry. Using my love of music to create classes I taught a cross section of fitness classes. My love of teaching began with swimming lessons, which moved into group exercise and personal training.

I love working with people and seeing people happy healthy and full of joy. My classes allowed me to use my music background and creativity into teaching and creating an atmosphere of fun. Creating a space to learn connect and grow is something that has stayed with me throughout my entire career.

Having an education background in fashion retail, business, marketing, population health, fitness, wellness & food coaching, nutrition, holistic health, degree in Theology & Psychology and now floristry everything has funnelled into my brand that is about design, colour, connection.  


Bloom Into You


Teaching is my passion it brings me joy.  To be able to pass on my knowledge, expertise, wisdom and lessons I have learnt along the way to create changes in people’s live is wonderful and fills my heart.


Leadership Workshops

Come and join me for one of my leadership or creative workshops where I help you find your unique you.  How to be in the present moment to connect to your heart and soul.

Retreat & Create

Come and spend a weekend or a week at Raukawa Cottage at Moffatdale where you can rest and create.  You are also welcome to check out my Raukawa Cottage candles, soaps and creations.


Love and Connection with Your Child

One of my most precious moments was when I gave birth to my son.

To spend time with him, nuturing him in creativity, time and energy is a powerful way for a mother and child.

I run mother and child workshops to help you both come together and enjoy a special time creating.

Featured In Kingaroy BaconFest

Kingaroy BaconFest 2022 Felicity J Aitken
Event management by Felicity J Aitken Kingaroy BaconFest
Event management by Felicity J Aitken Kingaroy BaconFest
Event management by Felicity J Aitken Kingaroy BaconFest

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