Bloom Into You

Felicity J Aitken – Designer Creative & Teacher

With a lifelong career in self discovery, holistic lifestyle management, wellness, fitness and health, along with psychology, theology and the creative arts incorporating music I come with a background that provides a strong foundation for all my programs.

Hi and welcome to my Bloom Into You Transformation Programs using the Chris Brazel systems.

All programs are created and designed

        • for you

        • for change

        • for discovery

        • for healing

        • for joy

Using colour, creative expression, action steps, daily affirmations, essential oils and intent these programs are proven for change.

Bloom Into You Transformation Programs are about creating and designing a new you through colour, creativity, actions steps, oils and affirmations. 

When you make conscious choices each day with a purpose you move into your personal power. The feeling is amazing and so many beautiful things happen through self love and discovery, a journey of healing, a journey that is individual and perfect for you. 

On line or in person (South Burnett & Sydney) You can join one of my groups, book me to run any these programs with your group, business, family or individually.  

I love seeing people be set free and find hope joy and focus in their lives. From personal experience I know how hard it is to break free from bondages, grief, brokenness and pain and to rise up out of the ashes to find empowerment and a new beautiful self like the phoenix. 

Bloom into You 6 Step Colour Therapy Program

A beautiful program with action steps to unlock potential and change in your life. Over a 12 week period I will take you on a journey that will change your life, give you focus and step into the next season of your life with success.

Every fortnight we will meet via zoom or in person to work through the next colour. You will every fortnight work with a colour which relates back to the chakra, a crystal, an essential oil, a room in the house and a daily affirmation and sound meditation. 

Each fortnight you will work with the given colour, you can use a soap, candle, food, clothing and make this process fun and exciting. You can purchase candles, soaps, oils and crystals through my Raukawa Cottage range. I also include in my program, music through specific sounds. Using my crystal sound bowls and chakra meditation for transformation and change. 

You will initially get your brain coding done and a one on one coaching session with Chris Brazel to gain an incredible insight into how your brain works, where you want to go and your goals. This is the key to this program along with the 6 action steps.  


$360 for the Brain coding and coaching session with Chris Brazel along with a pack for success.

$69 per fortnight a total of $414

You can join my group session times, create your own group, corporate groups or you do this individually or even as a family or couple. 

The results I have been getting and seeing from this program is incredible. It is undoubtedly a program of success and having some fun along the way.

Contact me for further information and take the next step in your life journey.

Butterfly To Freedom Program by Felicity J Aitken
Bloom into You Butterfly To Freedom

Full day course with 27 day affirmation

Bloom into You Mala Mind Beads

Full day course with 27 day affirmation

Bloom into You Flower Mandalas

Full day course with 27 day affirmation

If you would like further information on any of my programs please contact me HERE

I will be launching my Bloom Into You book in July on my own journey and the pathway I used to gain strength again.

2024 New Courses Kick off soon – Watch this space


Never Stay in the Pain when You can Move to the New

Life is always going to have the ups and downs.  Some days we will think we cannot make it.  We have light days and we have dark days.

In the end we have to make choices.  Simple choices lead to empowerment.  One choice and one step at a time will close the doors on being a victim, a martyr or living in struggle street to moving to warrior, empress/emperor and thriving in life.